Global Neobanking Platform
for Individuals and Businesses.

SYNE helps to solve some of the biggest challenges in digital financial services by connecting innovative start-ups, corporates and governments through our unified financial technologies platform and helps bridge payments, investments, trade finance and social impact.

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SYNE, the Unified Financial Services Platform

At SYNE, we are building a unified digital financial services solution rooted in Code, Data and Design and works with financial institutions, regulators, payment networks and organizations to remove financial complexity and ensure the well-being of your financial well-being.

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SYNE offers full stack payments system across online and offline channels for fundraising, subscriptions, platforms, marketplaces etc.

Financial Services

SYNE helps embed financial services in your marketplace or platform and enables your customers to hold funds, pay bills, collect invoices, and manage cash flow.


SYNE helps identify investors and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building future innovation and ready to invest to make the collective stronger.

Social Impact

SYNE strives to help solve some of the biggest challenges faced by humanity through funding, innovation, and technology.

Borderless Financial Services Platform

SYNE serves as the backbone of your Social Enterprise and unleash our expertise for your benefit.
SYNE helps create a growth trajectory with a single source of truth for financial services
and enables you to measure the social impact.

Neo Banking

On the anvil is a one stop shop for your financial services - SYNE will be offering FinTech services and the goal is to help people get their financial services in order and ensure their well being.


The SYNE platform is available across the world and offers APIs for verification, validation, payments, investments and social impact integrations with modern tools.

Borderless Payments

SYNE helps seamlessly collect and process one-time and recurring payments in 135 currencies with immediate payouts from individuals, teams, and corporates.

SYNE Pledge

SYNE has pledged 2% of its licenses, employee time and profits for social good and encourages our partners and customers to do the same.

Social Responsibility

SYNE helps create a positive social impact on fellow humans as well as the community as a whole, this is the only tool which measures and analyzes corporate social responsibility.

Build your Brand

SYNE helps achieve Corporate social responsibilities of individual employees as well as organizations through social causes, challenges, employee engagements and events

Worlds most powerful and easy to use APIs

SYNE has enabled its solutions with some of the most trusted brands ensuring that the platform
is safe and secure. SYNE has built its solutions partnering a network of financial institutions,
banks, intermediaries and platforms making it financial services easier to embed in your platform.

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Vivent Foundation adopts direct as well as recurring payment methods to raise funds for its social impact projects. Vivent makes use of the social giving network to manage subscriptions and transactions as well as to view detailed financial reports directly from the dashboard.

Onboard and verify your users

When you connect with customers using SYNE’s optimized user interfaces/platform or build your own custom flows, it’s easy to get your users onboard quickly.

SYNE handles identity verification and validation for compliance requirements - Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB).

Verification and Validation

SYNE processes in account verification and validation helps businesses, platforms and marketplaces onboard customers with no friction thereby ensuring a dynamic, risk-based KYC or KYB with sanctions checks and ongoing real-time screening.

Let’s Grow Together

Incubators, accelerators, early-stage investors who help entrepreneurs and high-growth start-ups - we would love to explore ways of working together. Same goes for those building something new and looking for unique ways to partner with SYNE. We would like to hear from you.

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SYNE Careers

SYNE is yet to spread its wings – we are a start-up with a growing team. Presently our team comprises of talented individuals, dedicated to our philosophy. Job Opportunities. Job Opportunities.